Dt. Ch. (VDH) "Grandgables Dressed To Impress"

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Ch. Grandgables Black Street Boy (CAN)





Ch. Apple Acres Expedition (USA), tricolour

Ch. Apple Acres Odyssey Armani (USA), tricolour

Ch. Dundee Hullston Jambalaya

Ch. Dundee Amos Moses

Ch. Hullston’s All The Rage

Ch. Apple Acres Hi-Fashion Model

Banchory Solid Gold

Ch. Apple Acres Kelnook Calais, CD

Trevannes Dominique (CAN), blue-merle

Ch. Honemood Hurricane

Ch. Macdega Asterisk

Ch. Homewood Natalie Cole

Shadlars Trevanne’s Trivia

Ch. Trevanne’s Mindsmept

Shay Dee’s Once in a blue moon

Ch. Grandgables Love in The Snow (CAN),  blue-merle

Ch. Rikadon’s Indelible

Mystix Quote Unquote

Ch.Macdega Asterisk

Ch.Woodbridge Mistic Lace

Ch. Rikadon’s Madison Avenue

Ch.Rikadon’s Totally Chrome

Rikadon’s Lakewind Invitation

Kirrimist Frosted Lace for Grandgables (SAF)

Harradei Time Goes By

Ch.Timmar Blue Magic

Harradei Nik O Time

Milangimbi Morgan Lefaye

Ch.Timmar Blue Magic

Alanus Blue Mystery

Ch. TR’s All That Jazz (USA)



Ch. Prinhill Jazzbo (USA)



Prinhill Cool Jazz

Ch. Shadow Hill’s Jazz on Prinhill

Ch. Macdega The Piano Man

Ch. Shadow Hill’s Sunrise

Prinhill’s Dreamer, CD

Ch. Ridgeside Prime Time

Prinhill’s Spring Blizzard

Prinhill Alabaster Lace

Ch. Shadow Hill’s Jazz on Prinhill

Ch. Macdega The Piano Man

Ch. Shadow Hill’s Sunrise

Macdega Almost Paradise

Ch. Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix

Candray Jasmine

Lilly of Ralley Crown

Elwyn TR’s Snowman

Elwyn’s Power Broker

Ch. Macdega Malibu

Four Winds Beneath My Wings

Shamont Center Stage

Ch. Penbru Take a Chance

Shamont Perchance to Dream

TR’s Peaches ‘N’ Cream

Lacycreek Fire and Ice

Ch. Caesar Bi Stonewall

Lacycreek Foreign Affair

Stonehall Nastassia

Ch. Caesar Bi Stonewall

Stonewall Isadora